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Wed end of paper machine


.: Taskila Waste water treatment plant, Oulu, Finland

Taskila's municipal waste water treatment plant in Oulu is biggest plant in north of Finland.  It cleaning waste waters about 150 000 people community, small and middle industry effluent water and drain for rainwater in 3 municipality area. Waste water of Muhos and Utajärvi coming to plant in sewer pipes

Taskila WWTP located about 6 km from center of oulu city in Taskila district near sea. During the year 2006 the quantity of the purified municipal sewage in Oulu was about 14.2 million cubic meters, which is 1.7 million cubic meters less than last year. The sewage treatment plant of Taskila uses chemical direct precipitation introduced in 1973, the activated sludge plant built in 2004 and since 1998 a biofilter that is nowadays used as a subsequent treatment unit. The environmental license conditions as an average of three months for the purified waste water before flowing to the Gulf of Bothnia are:

- BOD7 < 15 mg O2/l and the efficiency of purification > 90 %
- total phosphorus < 0.5 mg/l and the efficiency of purification > 90 %

This project we design one new active sludge line side of exciting lines cooperation with Skoy.
Our responsibility was 3D design of piping , machinery specification documentation of project

Project includes:

- New aeration line and rebuild exciting
- New sludge pumping station
- New secondary clarify basin
- Underground piping and process piping
- New slaked lime silos and dosing system
- Methanol terminal and dosing system



.: Häpönniemi Waste water treatment plant, Uusikaupunki, Finland

Chemical department of Häpönniemi Waste water treatment plant is build in 1977. After few rebuild plant is changed biologic - chemically plants in 2004, witch biological part working in carrier technology based biological filter.

Process work in total, that incoming waste water go via screening, where coarse material removed from water. After screening is grid removal unit.

After this in water feed  chemical coagulant and water transmit to flocculation and primary clarify basin. This chemical precipitation remove main part of phosphor load, suspended matter and organic matter

After Chemical chemical treatment water transmit to two step biological filter bed. First is  nitrification part witch include oxygen where  nitrogen tied with oxygen to nitrate and same time removed most of last part of organic load whom used nutritive substance for bacteria. After nitrification part feeding methanol and water transmitted to denitrification part, which nitrate decayed in oxygen-free space with bacteria to nitrite. After that water is ready to feed to sea.

Demands of treatment:

Item   concentration efficiency of treatment process
Biologic oxygen consumption BOD7ATU < 15 mg/l     90 % (target 95 %)
Phosphor P < 0,5 mg/l   90 % (target 95 %)
Chemical oxygen consumption CODCr   < 125 mg/l 75 %
Total of nitrogen Ntot      70 %
suspended matter   < 35 mg/l  

Process diagram (Finnish language)

This year plant invest to two new denitrification unit and phosphor acid dosing system and strengthen of methanol dosing.

We design mechanical part of project cooperation with Skoy



.: Kakolanmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant, Turku, Finland

This project continued since to 2009. Please see more information below

More information



.: April Riau Andalan pulp & paper, Indonesia

The Riau pulp and paper mill is located in Sumatra, Indonesia. The pulp mill has a capacity of two million tons a year, and the three pulp dryers have a total capacity of 1.4 million tons a year. 

Our responsibility was mechanical supervising for:

- Wet end chemical reparation plant
- Chemical  dosing piping
- Surfacing chemical supply system

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.: Jilin Chenming Paper, China

Jilin Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. has started up their Metso Paper supplied PM 12 LWC/newsprint machine on 10 January 2007. The OptiConcept machine, which has a design speed of 1,600 m/min and a wire width of 6,950 mm, went on stream at a speed of 1,260 m/min, producing newsprint. On 20 March it started producing LWC with a speed of 1,200m/min. The Metso delivery comprised a complete LWC/newsprint line from headbox to winder with stock preparation and chemical handling systems, including a wide scope of process, machine and quality control automation. Jilin Chenming aims to use the PM 12 mainly for LWC production, with an annual capacity exceeding 200,000 t/yr. Jilin Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. (previously Jilin Paper Co., Ltd.) belongs to the Chenming group. After its acquisition in 2005, Chenming took over the start-up of the suspended PM 12 project.

Our responsibility was mechanical supervising for:

- Wet end chemical reparation plant
- Coating color kitchen
- Chemical  dosing piping
- Surfacing chemical supply system

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.: Cheng Loong Corporation, Hou-li paper mill, Taiwan

Hou-li paper mill located in Taichung County Hou-Li Hsiang in middle of Taiwan. Cheng loong corporation establish 1971 the Hou-li factory and lay the foundations for paper manufacturing


Our responsibility:

- Effluent water treatment plant rebuild projects mechanical supervising Floo bed and Dispersed Air Flotation WWTP for paper mill

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.: Kakolanmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant, Finland

Turun seudun puhdistamo Co., Ltd. is a wastewater treatment service provider owned by six municipalities. The purpose of the company is develop Turku’s Kakolanmäki Underground Wastewater Treatment Plant and its required transmission lines. Upon completion of the plant, the company shall oversee its operation and maintenance. The plant will process the wastewater for approximately 280,000 residents (survey year 2030).

Excavation work was completed in the summer of 2006. Construction work is currently underway and will be followed by machinery and equipment installation, EIA (electrical, instrumentation and automation) work and HVAC and plumbing work. The aboveground administrative building, pipe, emergency exits and air intake will be constructed during the final project phase, as will the water conducting system. The treatment plant will be brought on-line at the end of 2008 and the facility will be fully operational by the beginning of 2009.

See timeline

See process diagram

Our responsibility:

- 3D design of full plant  cooperation with Skoy

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.: Lining pumping stations wells, Thailand

Lining Indutrade markets and sells components, systems and services with a high-tech content to industrial customers within selected niches.

The Group is divided into four business areas:

- Engineering & Equipment
- Flow Technology
- Industrial Components
- Special Products

Our responsibility:

- 3D design of Lining pumping station well series and flow technology wells

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.: Harjavalta thermal power station, Porin Teollisuusputki Oy, Finland


Fuel terminal, Atex documentation,  Layout-, Process-, Mechanical- and Pipe-isometrics Drawings Detailed design of the same.    
Pipe rack from pumping station to process   Fuel terminal 3D model

.: Jyväskylä waste water treatment plant, Finland

Jyväskylän Seudun Puhdistamo Oy is 4 town owned company, witch take care those areas waste water treatments.

Our responsibility:

Mechanical 3D design of anaerobic digestion process.




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